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At Charles Car Service, we always advise our clients on the benefits of installing window tints:

  • Glass tints can reduce the interior heat of your vehicle by up to 80%.
  • 99% of harmful UV rays are blocked when car windows are properly tinted.
  • An effective shade can keep your valuables out of sight and out of the minds of potential thieves. Thieves are more likely to break into vehicles when objects are in plain view.
  • Very affordable price!

Your car is a big investment and, like a house, it can be the second most expensive asset you can own. Our glass tinting service can give your vehicle a unique appearance. In today’s world, vehicle glass tinting is common customization that is very popular. We advise our customers to follow the guidelines of national legislation.

The reality is that car windows that are too dark can often attract police. Of course, the last thing you want to do is target yourself to be stopped. Law enforcement is there to protect and serve and is simply on the lookout for situations that seem suspicious. We also advise our clients to be aware that laws may vary from state to state.

We always believe customer service is king. We pride ourselves on using only the best products and materials and always taking the time to communicate with our customers. Before starting a job, the customer is fully aware of what the process involves and its cost. This way there are no surprises when the job is done. We have years of experience and employ only the most professional and knowledgeable technicians. As such, our customers can be assured that they will receive the most professional service possible.


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Advantages Of Window Tinting

The benefits of tinting car windows
Tinting your car windows doesn’t just improve its appearance. Many people choose to have their window tinted professionally for purely aesthetic reasons and are surprised at the many other benefits that come with it. If you don’t want your car windows to be tinted, you should consider some of the surprising benefits of doing so.

If you’ve ever been blinded by the bright sun from your windshield or side window, you know how dangerous it can be. Window tinting helps alleviate this problem, so you can drive safely even when the sun is low in the sky.

In addition to being dangerous, glare from the windows while driving is unpleasant. This phenomenon makes driving frustrating, and window tinting makes it much less of a problem.

After spending so much money on your car, you would probably like to keep it in top condition. Imagine your dismay to discover that the sun is discolouring the coating of your vehicle. It can also dry out leather interiors and make them more susceptible to damage. Window tinting prevents the sun’s most harmful rays from entering your car, so its interior stays like new for longer. Your local auto glass store can provide details of the tint film they carry and its UV blocking properties.

Energetic efficiency
Do you often feel like you have to run the air conditioning full blast in your car, but still can’t get comfortable? The air conditioning itself is probably not to blame; the greenhouse effect is. With the sun entering your car, your air conditioning system struggles to keep the interior temperature comfortably low. You end up wasting a lot of energy just to keep it moderately comfortable. With car window tinting, you block a lot of sunlight from entering the interior, and your air conditioner is much more efficient and effective.

Glass protection
No one wants their car windows chipped or damaged. Repairing broken windshields is one thing; a broken car window is a whole different matter. Even after repairing or replacing it, you may continue to find shards of glass for several months. The tint film helps hold the glass together and makes it much more shatter resistant. In the unfortunate event that your window is broken by something, the chances of glass getting everywhere are much lower.

In your everyday life, you are probably taking steps to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. What about when you are in your car? If you’ve ever had a sunburn on your arm after running a long distance, you know it’s a real problem. The best window tinting blocks these harmful rays, which significantly reduces the risk of suffering from premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Tinted car windows just look cool. If you want to quickly improve the look of your car, this is a great way to go. Maybe you need to replace the windshield because a crack is too big to repair; why not tint the windows while you’re at it?

If you’re tired of battling the sun and the heat every time you get in your car, it’s time to tint your vehicle’s glass. To learn more about the benefits of using affordable auto glass to tint your car glass, call 713-952-4000 to speak to one of our Houston auto glass and windshield tinting experts. .

Types of window tint

Car window tinting has come a long way over the years. The early days of window film never had any of the characteristics you see today. Thanks to technology and a genuine desire to help people, car window film has evolved into a safe and efficient way to make your vehicle look fabulous and provide a high level of comfort and safety. Here are some other features that you will find in modern car window tint.

  • Ceramic tint
    You will be happy to know that many consider ceramic car window tinting to be the best price. Regular window film receives a coating of ceramic particles which helps reflect the sun, reducing the effects of UV rays, sun glare, and, of course, heat. No metallic particles exist in the ceramic tint, which makes it perfect for GPS, cell phones, or other electronic devices as they offer no signal interference.
  • Carbon tint
    Mixed carbon particles and regular shade from non-metallic film reflecting more heat than metalized films have a unique matte finish and will not spoil your cellphone or GPS signal.
  • High performance metallic tinted series
    Metal window film helps reduce solar energy and creates a shiny, reflective appearance on the window. We understand that some people choose it for this reason and others for aesthetic reasons such as the different colors available.
  • Tinted charcoal tint
    Available in the Standard Pro or Standard series, these films have a non-reflective matte finish and tinted in an anthracite color. This film reduces UV rays by at least ninety-eight percent.
  • Mirror tint
    The Mirror Tint is a sleek and sophisticated mirror film with an all-metal nichrome construction. The mirror tint is a truly personalized treatment that transforms ordinary glass into a highly reflective surface visible only from the outside. The appearance of the interior of the vehicle is normal.


We take great pride in every vehicle we work on. When you make use of our services, you will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our car detailing in Ottawa – Gatineau area. When you choose to have car detailing, it’s so much more than a simple wash and vacuum. It’s those small details that make all the difference and keeping your car spotless makes it that much more of a pleasure to drive. With over 5-star reviews for our car detailing in Ottawa and plenty of returning customers, it’s easy to see why we are head and shoulders above the rest.




The main difference between ceramic shade and regular shade:

The regular shade uses LIGHT REDUCTION to block heat – meaning the darker the shade, the more heat it blocks, the lighter the shade, the less heat it blocks. Ceramic Tint has an I.R coating that targets infrared light while using light reduction to block heat which is much more efficient. Infrared light is the light that carries the most heat in the light spectrum. That’s why the CLEAR ceramic shade blocks out more heat than the regular DARKEST shade.

3 reasons why the ceramic shade is the BEST WINDOW TINT FILM:

1. BETTER heat rejection

Ceramic Tint has a unique ability to FILTER heat from light! It has an infrared coating that targets infrared light (the light that carries a ton of heat) so you don’t have to darken for it to be effective. This is why the transparent ceramic shade blocks out more heat than the darker regular shade.

2. Strongest glue

These cars with sparkling colors? Yes, bubbling happens because when the sun burns the adhesive that makes the tint stick to the glass, spots of the film push back from the glass in the form of bubbles, cracks, and peeling. Ceramic Tint uses a thick, tough layer of super tough adhesive, making it the most durable tint for your car.

3. The longest duration

The ceramic shade is considered a shade over 10 years old. Why? The ceramic tint is achieved by bringing together the BEST raw materials to create the highest quality film money can buy. It fuses a layer of carbon film (will not fade or purple) with an IR (infrared) coating (for performance) making Ceramic Tint a LONG TERM investment.

Steam removal + deep cleaning process:

We use an industrial steamer to peel off and remove the old tint, as this helps preserve the defrost lines. This makes it easier as it loosens the glue and grip on the glass. Sometimes it will leave residue stuck to the glass and that is why we always follow it up with a deep cleaning process. It consists of several steps that we have created called The 3 S of cleaning: scratching, exfoliation, squeegee. Scrape off any old bits of glue and stain, scrub the glass for any remaining bits, and scrape all the dirt and glue off the glass. This is the BEST WAY to prepare before installing the NEW shade!

5 things to know before tinting your windows

1. All colors are not the same | Not all stores are painted the same:
Each store is going to offer something different and have a different way of doing it. It’s important to note that when choosing a dye store, you educate yourself first. Determine the number of shade types they offer. If they only have one type, go elsewhere. The shade is NOT a one size fits all.

2. What is the best type of tint for my car?
The decision is up to you. A good shade shop will provide you with the right information so that you can make the best decision for yourself. There are only 3 types of tints for cars: Premium Dyed (Good) High Performance (Better) Ceramic (Best). 

3. It is either by hand or by computer.
The common practice for decades was to cut the tint patterns from your windows on your car. However, the Computer-Cut system has made it safer and faster by storing a database with all pre-cut models so that you no longer have to risk scratching your glass in the event of an accident or damage. an inexperienced installer.

4. Tint specialty stores are better and more reliable.
Too often, window tinting is a service offered as a complementary service to a primary business. You’re better off with a store whose area of expertise is primarily window tinting. Why? A tint-only store with poor quality or service CANNOT survive. They MUST do the right job to be there for the long haul. Stores that do not depend on window tinting for survival or income can, and often do, cut corners. Don’t be fooled, choose an expert.

5. Stay away from “extended warranties”
It’s a RED FLAG. Extended warranties are mainly scams designed to charge you more for the same product. Quality Window Tint comes with a manufacturer warranty that a store is supposed to give you. If you are charged for more warranty, you should get a better product for your extra money. Not just more coverage.

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