why you should wash your car regularly

You should know that cleaning your car protects it from wear and tear and guarantees you a safer and greener drive. Find out why it’s important to wash your car regularly.

To protect your car against wear and tear

Washing the exterior of your car isn’t just about maintaining the lustre of its body. Because beyond the aesthetic dimension, regular washing protects your car against corrosion and wear. Indeed, all kinds of dirt can damage your car. By settling on it, mud, dust, pollen, or even air pollutants can leave a layer on your bodywork and damage your paint. Crushed insects, bird droppings, leaves and tree sap can be particularly stubborn. Weather conditions can also be involved: for example, excessive exposure to the sun is an aggravating factor. The longer you wait, the more difficult the dirt will be to clean up afterwards.

To guarantee irreproachable hygiene for your car

Dust, sand, leaves, crumbs … The interior of your car can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria if it is not maintained regularly. Overexposure of the cabin to heat and humidity promotes the growth of fungi and bacteria. According to a study, the steering wheel has about 800 different bacteria per cm2 (10 times more than the toilet bowl). By regularly cleaning the carpets, interior, steering wheel and door handles, you reduce the risk of disease and this is very important for your health.

To ride safely all the time

Cleaning the dirt lodged on windshields, windows, mirrors, but also on the headlights, allows you to see better and be seen better, and thus optimizes your safety on the road. Opting for regular cleaning of your car is the best way to be sure at all times that all of these surfaces are perfectly clean.

To limit its impact on the environment

You might think that refraining from washing your car is the best way to limit your environmental impact. Well not at all! Indeed, a car accumulates all kinds of pollutants (iron, nickel, lead, oil residues, etc.) on the bodywork, in the rims, etc. Under the effect of the rain, these pollutants will run off and reach the water tables. It is therefore preferable to use our services and our ecological products.

How often should you wash your car?

Based on our experience acquired over many years, the right rhythm for washing your car is between once a week and twice a month, depending on your usage (distance travelled, garage space day and night …), your place of life (proximity to the sea, work, fields, weather conditions, etc.) and the importance you attach to driving a perfectly clean car. 

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