Why Have Your Car Washed By A Professional?

Why Have Your Car Washed By A Professional?

Our mental load is exploding … stop the to do which continues to grow. Take the car wash out of your mind and call a professional for car maintenance and cleaning. Washing your car will not only ensure the longevity of your car, but also prevent you from being exposed to viruses in your cabin.

As a reminder, a steering wheel contains ten times more bacteria than the toilet bowl.

It saves time considerably

Long waits at car wash stations can be overwhelming for most people. However, driving a clean vehicle is both more pleasant and above all a necessity to avoid the proliferation of viruses and bacteria in your car. A car wash professional can also offer you specific disinfection offers (at Charles Car Service, disinfection solutions are effective in destroying all viruses including covid19).

If you want to have your car cleaned without the hassle for optimal results, it is necessary to contact a professional. Through our agencies in Ottawa, you can benefit from our services. You can either drop off your car at our fixed center for the duration of a race or a consultation with the doctor or, thanks to our mobile units, we can also come and clean your car in the parking lot of your home. , your workplace or even your sports center during your activities. This will save you from wasting your precious time washing your car yourself or standing in line at stations.

Self-cleaning performed by a professional is an innovative method

In fact, our car wash network adopts a washing method combining ecology, practicality and performance. Our experts are trained in a unique car washing method based on biodegradable products manufactured exclusively for the network and hand washing. 

What does the exterior Car washing of your vehicle involve?

Exterior Car washing is the most common car wash. In our society, there are several ways to have a vehicle washed. There is automatic, high pressure and hand cleaning. For the most demanding, the washing must be perfect and impeccable. Exterior washing involves properly maintaining the automobile body while being careful not to scratch it. It is used to restore the shine to the vehicle. To renovate the car body, we can do manual polishing and apply a protective layer. With the use of a microfiber cloth, washing will not cause scratches. These cleaning methods make it possible to restore shine to the bodywork and thus extend its longevity. This type of car wash will improve the appearance of your vehicle if you plan to resell it or if your lease is nearing end.

Our experts perform interior cleaning

Apart from exterior washing services, we also take care of the interior cleaning of your car washing. It consists of removing dust and all kinds of dirt from the trunk and passenger compartment by deep vacuuming plastics and carpets. Car interior cleaning also involves removing persistent stains from fabrics, rugs and carpets. It destroys germs and bacteria in car equipment. 

Good maintenance gives benefits

If your car is cleaned, disinfected and polished regularly, it will have a longer life. Exterior cleaning helps to renovate the appearance of the vehicle and interior cleaning helps to avoid bad odours and bacteria. Plus, if you are used to having your car serviced by a car wash expert, it will be easier for you to resell it. You can always turn to our car detailing services to carry out a major cleaning and a complete or specific renovation of your car.

Which professional can you trust to have your car washed?

We offer mobile car detailing services at your home or office. We operate at the location of your choice whether you are an individual, a car dealership or a business. 

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