Two effective methods for cleaning car doors

Door closers can easily be overlooked, but you should make sure they are cleaned with the rest of your car for the same important reasons. Dirty door closes will let go of an otherwise clean looking car and regular cleaning will not only keep the car all looking good, but will help ensure they run reliably and prevent corrosion from the setting. There are a few different methods that can be used to clean your car door shutter but whichever one you use you should do this before you wash the rest of the car.

First method

The first method is to simply clean them with a normal washcloth and shampoo solution that you use to wash the rest of the car with. It is advisable not to use this particular wash to implement on the rest of the body but to hold it well for dirtier functions than such wheels, tires, arcs and closes. Before cleaning make sure you remove any loose farm items that have accumulated such as leaves or pieces of litter.

Once washed, the shampoo should be thoroughly rinsed off. You can use a garden hose or pressure washer for this, but make sure to target the water flow away from the door shutting off to prevent water from getting inside of your car. If you are not confident using a hose or pressure washer then you can use a spray bottle filled with water to rinse them off.

Another method

Another method that is best suited for cleaning dirtier and more neglected door shutters is to use either a designated lubricant or a diluted all-purpose cleaner to treat before cutting, this should be left to stop for a few minutes and then agitated with a variety of soft bristle detailing brushes to help lift heavily encrusted dirt and grease from difficult areas. Once agitated a pressure washer or garden hose should be used to rinse the farm and ensure all dirt, grease and cleaning residue is properly removed.

After rinsing should close the doors and wash the rest of the car as usual, as more water and moisture get into it during washing. Only after the rest of the car has been washed, rinsed and dried should you reopen the door to close and towel dry them.A micro fiber should be used to dry the farm but as the wash is carried out it is better not to use this particular towel on the body of the car, instead to keep it for dirtier functions.

Once dry you can polish and wax or seal the door closes, not only will this help improve them, but it will continue to help prevent corrosion. Putting an all in one varnish would usually be an ideal choice for this task, but any product that is used on the rest of the paint can be used on the door closes.

After car cleaning, polishing and protecting it is important to remember to re grease / lubricate the door hinges with an appropriate product because the cleaning process will effectively remove any grease or lubricant that was already present. Once this initial thorough cleaning, polishing, protecting and re-lubricating has been undertaken, if your car is regularly cleaned then the door closing can simply be maintained by pre-spraying a detailing spray and Wipe them down with a damp microfiber towel after washing and rinsing the rest of the car.

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