Reasons why you should detail your vehicle regularly

You may think that detailing your car is just a waste of money, but it actually makes sense when you consider all of the benefits that come along with it. Here’s a list of reasons why you should detail your vehicle regularly:

1. Detailing your car gives you peace of mind

It’s true that some cars look like they haven’t been detailed since the ‘80s, but others look like they were just taken out of storage last week. When you drive around town, you want to make sure that your car looks its best.

2. Detailed vehicles sell faster

According to a study conducted by NADA, buyers are willing to spend $100 more per day on a vehicle that was recently detailed compared to a vehicle that hasn’t been cleaned in months.

3. Detailing your car keeps it cleaner and longer

Keeping your car clean extends the life of your paint job, reduces rusting, and prevents dirt from getting under your hood.

4. Detailing your car improves gas mileage

Clean surfaces reduce friction between moving parts, which allows air to flow smoothly over the engine. Cleaned engines also run cooler, which saves fuel.

5. Detailing your car increases the resale value

Your car’s appearance plays a huge part in determining its overall value. According to Kelley Blue Book, a well-maintained vehicle sells for approximately 3% more than a similar vehicle that needs repairs.

6. Detailing your car protects your investment

Detailers use special brushes and cleaning products to remove road grime and debris from your vehicle’s exterior. They also wash away dust and pollen that collect inside your vents and windows.

7. Detailing your car makes it easier to find scratches

Scratches on your car aren’t visible until they’re deep enough to cause damage. By having your car professionally detailed before you go on vacation, you can avoid scratching your expensive paint job.

8. Detailing your car lets you enjoy your ride

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