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Do you want your car to be as good as a new car or good? It is important that our colors are protected by a protective film and clothing to maintain the brightness of the color. If you start to notice pimples or scratches on the paint, you can be sure that we will also provide a repair service. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end results.

A protective film or PPF is a light, thick layer of uranium thermoplastic embedded in the vehicle body to protect it from scratches, glass and dust. It can cover painted surfaces, lights and mirrors. The PPF we use does not affect problems with the glass’s light and appearance. PPF includes sunlight, bird litter, scratches, hard cleaners, gasoline, sweatshirts, etc. All of this will make your car brighter and more beautiful.

Key Benefitsh Of Paint Protection Film

  • Give your car a new look: The PPF coating prevents the paint from cracking on your car and gives it a brighter shine. This vision lasts longer than other methods of colour protection.
  • Maintain sale value: A good car will always sell at a higher price. Having a PPF coating on your car helps maintain those looks and prevents minor damage that could lower the car’s value.
  • Easy to clean: PPF removes dust, water and even some organic matter. By applying a PPF coating on your car, you can make your car cleaner with a quick cleaning.
  • Protection: Most don’t see it, but UV rays can damage car paint due to premature poisoning. Auto colour protection film reflects the effect of UV rays on your car. This will protect your car from chemicals, scratches, rust, scrapes and even burns. PPF is an effective protection for automotive paint. 
  • Maintenance Repairs: One of the greatest benefits of protective films is that you don’t have to spend a small damage repairs.
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What are the long term disadvantages and benefits of ceramic coatings?

Disadvantages of long term paint coatings

  • Ceramic coatings are generally expensive
  • Not generally for house enthusiasts.
  • Requires pre-inspection skills before application
  • Ceramic coatings can stain or cause shading if not applied properly Some brands can’t forgive mistakes.
  • It May be difficult to remove if an error occurs, some paint jobs require wet sanding
  • Must be applied with care with finesse and an eye for detail.
  • Usually always requires paint protection professional to apply
  • Many brands make the choice confusing
  • Can be a problem if the vehicle is involved in an accident and the car is treated with a paint spray causing damage, therefore recurring reapplication.

Benefits of long-term paint coatings

  • Ceramic coatings keep your car cleaner for longer Eliminates any additional polishing or waxing
  • Easier to wash when needed Cars don’t get dirty as easily
  • Repels water like a duck’s back It is much harder for the dirt and weather elements to stick to the car paint Acts as a sunscreen for your car
  • Ceramic coatings can last for years depending on choice or brand
  • Perfect for the operator who just doesn’t have time to do paint maintenance

Paint Protection Film Price List


$ 249
  • Partial Hood 18"
  • Partial Fenders 18"
  • Headlights or Mirrors


$ 699
  • Bumper
  • Partial Hood 18"
  • Partial Fenders 18"
  • Headlights or Mirrors


$ 1399
  • Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Headlights or Mirrors


$ 4999
  • Full Front & Rear Bumper
  • Full Hood, Roof & Trunk
  • Full Driver & Passenger Side
  • Side View Mirrors & Headlights
  • Full Quarter & Rocker Panels

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Is Paint Protection On Cars Worth It?

Yes, car paint protection is worth it if you want to preserve the look and shine of your car with minimal maintenance. Most car owners usually don’t have time to polish their own cars, which is usually caused by a lack of paint protection and therefore the paint will degrade over time. 

Cars without paint protection typically age faster, lose their shine, and can even break down elements in our surroundings much faster. This is when most car owners turn to shoddy car retailers who usually inflict damage that then requires paint correction to restore the paint surface. Protecting the car paint in cases like this would help avoid all this unnecessary work as it generally continues to protect painted surfaces, thus preventing degradation of car paint surfaces.

What is the best paint protection for cars?

Many people often ask what is the best paint protection for cars, but it varies widely and can depend on customer requirements. Are you a car enthusiast? You don’t care about your car but just want to keep it for resale for a few years or you don’t want to polish your car as often? These factors will determine which paint protection is best for your car. Just look at our bulleted lists to understand which paint protection best suits your needs. 

Basically, if you don’t want to polish your car, long term paint protection is best for your needs. The protection of paints of this type generally consists of ceramic or acryloplexine coatings. Paint protection is not part of the car refinishing process, unless it is requested as a supplement. Paint coatings of this type typically have a lifespan of five years and more, but in our experience we haven’t always seen these paint protectors last as long or longer than likely, usually due to misapplication or abuse of vehicle on the part of the car owner.

Do i need Paint Protection for my new car?

Yes, you should get paint protection for your new car if you want your car to stay as new as the day you bought it. Most people who buy auto paint protection only do so to eliminate the need to polish their car and the resale value when it comes to a trade that typically lasts three to five years. In most cases, paint protection is only supposed to last as long as specified by the manufacturer anyway. Most auto retailers will offer paint protection services as a supplement.

How much does paint protection cost?

The cost of paint protection mainly depends on the type of paint protection you want to purchase. There are different types of paint protection for cars and all of them have a different cost associated with them. That said, most paint protection apps depend on what you buy and where it can range from $ 600 to over $ 2000. Our best advice to get started is never to purchase paint protection from the car dealership, but to use a third party service such as a paint correction specialist or a professional car retailer that offers paint protection for cars.