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Quick & Convenient Mobile Tire Change Services in Ottawa

We have been in the tire change business for a long time, and we have noticed that many of our customers don’t want to wait in garages for their tire change and that’s why they call us because we come to you. 

Our tire change services are adapted to the lifestyle of today’s workers. With our mobile tire change service in Ottawa, you no longer need to wait hours in the garage for your seasonal tire change. Everything happens by appointment at your home, work or chosen location. Whether you need a one-time or seasonal tire change service in Ottawa, Charle Car Service is here to help. Our professional tire change technicians are trained to handle the most difficult tire change jobs.

Potholes, construction, weather and a variety of other factors can damage a tire or tires. Continuing to drive a vehicle with damaged tires is NOT safe. When you begin to notice one or multiple things wrong with a tire or multiple tires on your vehicle (bulges, cuts, cracks, excessive tire vibration, significantly worn tread, etc), the last thing you should do is ignore them! Contact us.

We have the techs and equipment to make your tire change and Rotation done anywhere! With a 5-star customer rating, we guarantee you’ll find it the easiest way to get your tires upgraded!


Quick, hassle-free Tire Change services in Ottawa, With our flexible schedule, we can accommodate any client time constraints.

We offer flexible tire change appointment times that work around your schedule. To book our services online, just fill out the booking form – You can also call or contact us so we can also arrange a convenient time that works best for your tire change service.


Simply book online by providing us your home or office location, infos about your car, and when to meet you there.


Our mobile mechanics will meet you at your location on time, be fully equipped, and change your car tires


Your safety is our priority, so we perform a thorough final inspection to ensure everything is in order.


Experience that Safe Driving feeling!

Why Call us For Your Tire Change?

We rely on our tires to get us from one place to the next safely. Unfortunately for tires, they are inevitably exposed to harsh environments like roads that contain potholes, nails and other small debris that can harm a tire. This is inconvenient not only because it makes your drive unsafe but also because when a tire has been damaged due to outside influences you have no way of getting home or taking your car in for repair unless you have a breakdown repair service in the area who you can call upon for help! When this happens, it’s vital to have a reliable team standing by when you need them most – that’s when you should call our expert mechanics.

New Tire Installation

Want to save time and get your new tires installed quickly? Not a problem because we will come to you and our mobile tire technicians will treat your vehicle like their own when installing your new tires.

Tire Changeover

Get your vehicle ready for winter or summer by swapping out your tires so that you can feel safer on snowy roads or better prepared to travel on warm, clear roads. A tire changeover involves switching out your current tires for winter, all-weather, performance or run-flat tires depending on the season. Although it is best to switch out your tires when the temperature consistently drops below 45ºF, keep in mind that most tires are not intended for year-round use. Winter tires have features and technology that are not recommended for year-round use nor is all season tires recommended during winter unless equipped with additional safety features such as an anti-lock braking system.

Tire Rotation and Balance

Most car manufacturers recommend changing your car’s tyres every 5,000 miles to avoid uneven wear and to ensure smoother handling on the road. During a tyre rotation, your mobile tyre fitter will take any tyres that are currently mounted on the wheels of your vehicle and swap them for other tyres using tools like a jack. During a wheel balancing service, your mobile tire change technician will evaluate the weight distribution of the wheels using specialized equipment and install micro-weights if necessary in order to bring balance back to each wheel (and tyre).

Mobile Tire Change Pricing


$ 80
  • Tires changed at your home
  • Tires must be on rims
  • Lug nuts double-torqued
  • Air top-ups on all tires


$ 160
  • Tires changed at your home
  • Tires must be on rims
  • Air top-ups on all tires
  • Lug nuts double-torqued


$ 240
  • Tires changed at your home
  • Tires must be on rims
  • Air top-ups on all tires
  • Lug nuts double-torqued





Popular questions About our mobile Tire Change Services in Ottawa

We have highly-skilled mobile tire change technicians, but we are strictly a mobile tire change service. We will alert you to any problems that we can see before they become serious and we will always let you know what we find.

We install tires on all passenger vehicles as well as some commercial trucks. Passenger cars, SUVs, pickups, minivans and cargo vans – you name it! Whether it is a delivery van or a pickup truck – we install tires on them all.

Yes, we can! We offer mobile tire service throughout Ottawa. Give us a call at any time day or evening and we’ll be happy to help you out with installing your tires.

Tire valve stems are used for TPMS sensors so they can perform their important job of tracking tire pressure. However, the price of the sensor varies greatly depending on the type of vehicle being equipped, along with sensors being separate from valve stems themselves during installations. If you have to have new ones installed at any point, we’re happy to offer you a quote for prices immediately.

Installing tires can take a few hours. Depending on factors such as the tire size and vehicle, installation for a set of four can take anywhere from an hour or less.

Whenever possible, all 4 tires of a car should be replaced at the same time. If you only need 2 new ones due to previous damage, it’s best that they’re installed on the rear wheels since it will not alter the driving experience.

You can have us come to your house or office. We’re 100% mobile, so we can take care of your tire change wherever you need it. That means that you can get it done in your driveway or parking lot. The whole process will only take 1 hour or even less.

It’s important for you to choose a service provider that offers a veritable of tire change services and we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with so many. If you need to buy and install new tires, we can help. Tire rotations, wheel balancing, flat tire changes are all services we perform. We also offer interior car cleaning, exterior car cleaning and full mobile car detailing services in Ottawa.

Of course! Whenever we’re replacing, installing, or rotating your tires, we’ll always make sure that the pressure in each tire is correct according to your vehicle’s specifications.

Most modern vehicles need their tires rotated front to back. If the tire is turned the other way too often, it may lead to premature problems with the tire belts. We’re happy to perform criss-cross rotations but you need to let us now so we can take care of your needs instead of doing what’s typical
We have tires that are suitable for most makes and models. While many manufacturers don’t recommend one brand over another. if you prefer, you can stick to the brand of tire that came with the car. If you bought your car used, you can either stick with the brand that is currently on the car or choose a more suitable one. Tires work best when installed in pairs, so try to keep the same mark for the front wheels or the rear wheels.

While choosing the cheapest tire might seem like a good idea, especially if you’re on a tight budget, it can often cost you more in the long run. You can save about a year with a cheap tire, while a slightly more expensive tire can last two or three years. If you are unsure of the best options for your car, you can call and our tire change experts will find the best solution.

This is a question we often get as a mobile tire change provider. Unfortunately, there is no real answer as there are many different variables that go into tire wear. However, we have found that under good driving conditions, which include driving style, road types, weather, you can expect to go between 30,000 and 50,000 km on one set of tires. Since most people drive around 15,000 km per year, that means around 2 to 4 years.

The tires on your vehicle are generally considered the most important thing in your car because they are what connects you to the road. Bad tires or poorly maintained tires can affect your ability to drive in certain conditions.

We recommend that you have your tires inspected regularly by a professional team. The most common cause of premature tire wear is tire underinflation, you should check your tire pressure about once a fortnight. This will give you a good idea if there are any issues that need to be addressed, especially if your tire pressure is consistently low.

When you book a mobile tire change service with us, you can expect a high-quality professional team to replace your tires (or other tire services as needed). We offer a convenient tire change service solution that is fast and is backed by our excellent customer service skills.

All tire services booked with us follow a similar set of guidelines, including:

  • A general inspection of all tires (including the spare tire)
  • Lifting the vehicle and removing all the wheels
  • Replacing tires 
  • Putting the wheels back on the car and lowering it
  • Checking that all tire pressures are within required limits

Most tire changes are completed within one hour; 

Despite these difficult times, Charles Car Service is still in business and is devoted to creating a safe work environment for our staff & customers. We made sure that we are wearing gloves and masks as well as sanitizer to keep a clean and sterile work environment.