List of things to remember when cleaning your car

In the past decade, detailing cars has become increasingly popular among consumers. Many people enjoy the process of cleaning and polishing their vehicles, but others feel like it’s too much trouble.

Regardless of whether you love or hate detailing your vehicle, here’s a list of things to remember when doing so:

1. Don’t Detail When It’s Too Hot Outside

It may seem counterintuitive, but the hotter the weather gets outside, the harder it is to properly clean and polish your car. As temperatures rise, so does the amount of dust and grime on the road.

2. Use Cleaning Products With Low Odors

Many products used during a car wash contain chemicals that linger after washing. These odours can cause headaches and irritate eyes and noses.

3. Wash Before Detailing

Washing your car before detailing makes it easier to remove dirt and debris. Washes also make it easier to spot spots and stains.

4. Avoid Using High-Pressure Washers

High-pressure washes can damage paintwork and scratch surfaces. They can also leave streaks behind.

5. Do Not Overwash

Overwashing can strip away waxes and sealants. It can also lead to water spotting and rusting.

6. Be Careful About Waxing

Waxing can damage the finish of your car. It can also trap moisture inside the paint, causing corrosion.

7. Remove Excess Paint

Removing excess paint can cause scratches and chips.

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