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You probably spend several hours behind the wheel. It is therefore normal for dirt to accumulate and you may even not recognize the interior of your vehicle. Now is the time to think about a deep cleaning to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and bad odours. 

Do you want to get rid of all those stains and smells: dust deposits, the smell of tobacco, dust mites, animal hair, calcium, mud, food, mold, fingerprints, chewing gum, and more?

Entrust your vehicle to our specialists for a professional interior cleaning. In addition to getting rid of stubborn stains and unpleasant odours, a deep interior cleaning will help maintain your vehicle’s value while providing you with the comfort of a new car.


  • Deep vacuuming of the passenger compartment and the trunk to remove dust, animal hair and any surface dirt.
  • Deep cleaning of stubborn stains and encrusted dirt in all fabrics, carpets, rugs, ceiling lights, trunk, using an exclusive hot water extraction antibacterial cleaning process eliminating 99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Cleaning of all other interior surfaces such as leather, vinyl, trim, dashboard, console, air vents, windows and mouldings.

Not only will the interior of your vehicle regain the cleanliness and smell of new, but its resale value will be increased for years to come since the stains will not have been able to become encrusted. Additionally, protective carpet cleaning will prevent rusting on the interior surface of the floor.

Interior Detailing PACKAGES


$ 135
  • Winter Stain Removal (Door Panel, Pedals, Mats)
  • Trunk vacuum & shampoo
  • Extract dirt and shampoo carpets & mats &roof liner
  • Windows Cleaned Inside
  • Cleaning Door Jams
  • Clean & condition fabric / leather
  • Clean & condition dash, steering wheel, console, door panels
  • Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Dressing
  • Interior Vacuum & Floor Mats


$ 59


Paint Protection


Headlight Restoration


Window Tinting


Interior Detailing


Engine Detailing


Exterior Detailing



We take great pride in every vehicle we work on. When you make use of our services, you will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our car detailing in Ottawa – Gatineau area. When you choose to have car detailing, it’s so much more than a simple wash and vacuum. It’s those small details that make all the difference and keeping your car spotless makes it that much more of a pleasure to drive. With over 5-star reviews for our car detailing in Ottawa and plenty of returning customers, it’s easy to see why we are head and shoulders above the rest. 




We also provide these interior services:

Antibacterial shampoo: The first step is to vacuum up all the accumulated dirt, not to mention the hair and hair that clings to rugs and fabrics. Next, we proceed with an Inner-Clean antibacterial shampoo with hot water extraction. This process eliminates 99% of bacteria, often the cause of unwanted bacterial disease and bad odors. It disinfects every corner of your vehicle. You will be more than happy to find your car smelling and looking new again.

Fabric protection leather care: Once the fabrics and leathers are thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to protect them from everyday aggressions. Original protection will not be enough to protect them against the bleaching effects of the sun or against accidental spills of food, liquor, coffee, or any sticky substances that leave stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. Our fabric protection is transparent and applied to all fabrics, carpets, upholstery, and ceiling light. It offers maximum protection that prevents dirt and fading caused by the sun. Your vehicle will keep the smell and look it looked like when you took it over.

As for leather, it needs maintenance in order to prolong its appearance. After having dislodged all the dirt-encrusted in the pores of the latter, we apply a special treatment to nourish it and restore its flexibility. Our treatment will revive its color and protect it from cracking, yellowing, fading, and aging caused by sun and heating.

Interior protection: Once the disinfectant powers of our antibacterial shampoo have taken hold and eliminated 99% of germs and bacteria, it’s now up to our Aegis® active antimicrobial treatment to do its job. It acts like a carpet of microscopic nails that attracts microbes, penetrates cell walls, and kills them on the first contact … providing a healthy and safe environment, keeping you safe from germs for a whole year.

Professional car interior cleaning makes all the difference. Choosing a cleaning  that has the latest equipment, procedures, cleaning agents and protection is an important first step. With our mobile car detailing service you will find all this and more with our experienced staff who clean your car and exceed expectations. Compared to others, we have the ability to clean, disinfect and protect every square inch of your car’s interior. Everything we do is safe and will not damage your vehicle’s surfaces. Find out what we can do for you with our deep interior cleaning service.

Floor Mats

Car mats are often the most stained and dirty parts of the vehicle. We start by using a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles and dirt from the floor mats. For carpet floor mats, we use an extractor to shampoo, clean, and vacuum shampoo and water from the rugs. .  For rubber floor mats, we will use a car garment steamer to provide powerful steam that cleans and disinfects. For tar, oil, or chemical stains, we use a targeted commercial detergent to remove them.


All passengers come into contact with the seats of a car. Everyone will be impressed when they sit in clean, sanitized seats. Dirt and contaminants get trapped and encrusted in car seats. We start with a powerful vacuum cleaner that removes small and large particles. Our crevice tool fits between seats and small areas so nothing is left out. We then wash the fabric and use an extractor to remove dirt and stains.

Leather or vinyl seats

Dirt, grime, and oil can damage leather and appear discolored over time. Microparticles accumulate in the pores of the leather. Vinyl seats are less absorbent but have dirt on the surface. Worry no more with our service. We will use a steam cleaner, combined with a brush and a microfiber cloth, to clean the leather or vinyl surfaces. This combination loosens stains and dirt when the microfiber cloth wipes them off.

Leather conditioning

After cleaning, our team will apply a commercial grade conditioner to all leather surfaces. This lubricates the pores, which prevents future stains from entering the leather.

Other carpeted surfaces

Expect the same level of steam cleaning inside the car when we steam clean the cargo areas, seatbacks, and the ceiling. We wash thoroughly and use an extractor on all suitable areas. Most of the stains on boxes and other equipment are removed with our process. If the second level of cleaning is needed, we use a commercial detergent that works on that specific stain.

Door panels

Door panels and handles are scuffed and dirty. Our team will use steam to clean surfaces and remove marks and dirt from those visible areas of your car or truck. We clean and sterilize the plastic, vinyl, and carpet surfaces of the panels.

Crevasses and hard-to-reach places

Mold can grow in the many crevices of your vehicle. All over the vehicle, there are many dark corners and crevices. As part of the steam cleaning of the interior of our car, we will use steam supplied at high pressures and temperatures to blow out the debris that has accumulated in these hard-to-reach places. Our team delivers a clean vehicle to you while we remove the mold.

Car Dashboard

One of the car’s most prestigious interior parts is the dashboard. With their eyes looking forward, each passenger sees your dashboard. Expect the best from us and take pride in your 100% spotless and hygienic dashboard surface. Space, where the windshield meets the dashboard, is often overlooked. We use steam to penetrate and clean the entire area, regardless of the difficulty level. Keep going!

Steering wheel and gearshift

Grabbing the steering wheel all day lets dirt through and allows bacteria to form. Our interior steam cleaning service includes a complete cleaning of the flywheel, including the column and connected levers. If your gearshift has a leather or vinyl cover, it can collect more dirt than an uncovered gearshift. You manage the gear change several times per trip. Regardless of the material, our team cleans the gearshift and surrounding areas 100%.


Many people think of the only console between the driver and passenger seats. Rest assured that our team will not only clean the outside of the console, but we open it up and let the sanitizing steam get in and clean the inside of the console as well. These can also be sources of mold. Our vapor lands even in the darkest corners and is very effective in the mold removal process.

Under the seats

We go to areas that are often impractical and avoided. Our team has dry vacuum tools to pick up small and large debris. Food and other items are now removed. Our steam then penetrates under the seats so that no area is left behind.

Air vents

Much like the furnace ducts in a home, the air vents in a car accumulate dust, allergens, and potentially bacteria. We use a steam cleaner for the interior vents of cars. You would be impressed to see this process as it unfolds. We connect the steamer to the appropriate ventilation inlet of your system. High-temperature steam travels through your entire ventilation system, cleaning and disinfecting all the way to the exit. Provide air to your family and friends with a fresh, sanitized ventilation system.


Look everywhere inside your vehicle and you will see trim. It completes the look. We take pride in cleaning every inch of your car, truck, or SUV. We can easily restore the look and feel of this showroom.

All buttons, knobs, and levers

You and your passengers turn, press, and pull your car’s many controls. We will not forget any of them as we go over them meticulously with our cleaning agent. 


Clean windows are essential for safe driving. Film builds up inside your windows. We will clean all the windows in your car. This includes the windshield, side windows, rear windows, sunroof, and return glass in an SUV. 


We will not forget any detail. Please rest assured that your rearview mirror and mirrors will reflect like new when you pick up your car.

Dashboard gauges

View and read your gauges with new clarity thanks to our cleaning process. We will blow the corners so that no more dust remains. Your car will look great.

Glove box

We clean the front, then open the glove box and if desired, and let the steam in to clean and sanitize. We make sure that no paper curls or gets wet during the process.

Child car seats

One of the dirtiest parts of the car may be the child car seat. No one wants their child to be sitting in a seat soiled with particles of food and drink that have penetrated the fabric. We completely steam clean the car seat. Our process penetrates the corners where the seat meets the backrest. Our high-temperature steam takes care of this and other contaminants. Your youngest passenger is now safer.

Cup holders

From bottom to top, we clean all the cup holders in your car, truck, or SUV.


Passengers carry germs and other contaminants of human or natural origin in your car. Steam is a highly recommended way to clean and disinfect a car. We use the most modern vapors that deliver precisely the right amount of vapor at the right temperature and pressure. You leave with a disinfected and protected vehicle for your family and friends.

Our interior cleaning services

You won’t find a lot of mobile car detailing services in Ottawa that provide the deep cleaning that we do. Our service is centered on the use of the best equipment, materials, and techniques for the interior surface. We use up-to-date equipment that has been maintained to consistently deliver steam and cleaning solutions for the interior of your car. Our clothes and detergents will not damage the interior of your car. We use microfiber cloths to protect the most vulnerable surfaces, such as leather seats.

We will always start your detail work with fresh, clean, and hygienic microfiber cloths for cleaning. Technique and application are essential. They know exactly what tools to use and the technique to get the most out of cleaning equipment and solutions. We are proud that our technicians care about the quality work they do. You will be proud when you leave with your vehicle with that chandelier and that showroom feel.

Other car washes in Ottawa provide some surface-level cleaning. Many car washes that offer some level of interior cleaning are not as focused or detailed. They often use the same bottle of spray cleaning agent on all surfaces. They often use the same towel to clean the seats and the glass. Many car washes spray a scent into your vehicle to give a new scent or mimic cleanliness. Although it is at a lower price, your car deserves better. Our car cleaning service is so comprehensive that your car naturally smells clean. Come see us and let us show you what perfection looks like.


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