Headlight Restoration Ottawa

Headlight Restoration Service

Over time, several elements contribute to the degradation of the transparent surface of your headlights. Sand, rocks, UV rays and other residues found on our roads damage the headlights of your automobile. As a result, the effectiveness of your headlights is reduced and your visibility is reduced at night and on cloudy days.

When driving at night, especially in autumn and winter, where darkness is present earlier and earlier, it is essential to have an optimal vision in order to be prepared for any eventuality. In fact, a motorist travelling at night at 50 km / h with worn headlights has 4 seconds less to react in an emergency situation.

At Charle Car Service, we restore your worn headlights and give them the original lustre and brightness. Our process removes yellowing, tarnishing and scratches from headlight lenses. It eliminates optical distortion and will restore the transparency required for good night vision.

Our headlight restoration service will certainly save you high costs. A complete restoration of these will give them the same appearance as those in a new car. Many car buyers don’t even notice these vehicles when it comes to shopping for a used car; because foggy headlight lenses make them lose a lot of aesthetic value. However, headlight reconditioning is not really expensive and will make your car stand out if you want to resell it. Simple restoration of the headlights will correct the situation. It will be just as much nicer for you to have a vehicle with shining headlights.


  • A driver of a vehicle with headlights in good condition can see traffic signs 60 meters sooner than if the lenses are damaged, for a visibility increased from 92% to 1200%.
  • 35% of vehicles have obvious or very serious headlight problems
  • A motorist traveling at night at 50 km / h has 4 seconds more to react in an emergency situation, if his headlights are fully effective rather than damaged;
  • Damaged lenses can halve the illumination capacity of the headlights

Your safety depends on your headlights:
Also, driving with yellow, worn-out headlights is not really safe. 30% of vehicles on our roads have a problem with the opacity of the front lights. Deterioration of headlight lenses is caused by the sun, gravel, sand and calcium. In addition, plastic lenses made today are much less durable than glass ones. Damaged headlights can halve the illumination in the dark and on cloudy days. Fortunately, Groupe Vapro can help you and offer you complete lighthouse restoration through its range of services.

Having a rough time driving through the night, contact us. We have the best restoration system for headlights to restore them to their original glory. Our restoration process is three-fold, ensuring that oxidation is fully removed and the opacity of the headlights has been brought back to the original percentage. 

Our process also removes the swirl marks and scratches which are engraved deep and haziness. In the end, a sealant is applied which covers and protects the repair for a longer time. The sealant is Ultraviolet and oxidation resistant and is optional. 

Headlight Restoration Ottawa
Headlight Restoration Ottawa


We take great pride in every vehicle we work on. When you make use of our services, you will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our car detailing in Ottawa – Gatineau area. When you choose to have car detailing, it’s so much more than a simple wash and vacuum. It’s those small details that make all the difference and keeping your car spotless makes it that much more of a pleasure to drive. With over 5-star reviews for our car detailing in Ottawa and plenty of returning customers, it’s easy to see why we are head and shoulders above the rest.




Headlight Restoration Service in Ottawa

Speaking of headlights, there will come a time when you will notice that your headlights have been discolored or turned yellow. As a result, the emitted light turns yellow and ultimately presents you with a vehicle unworthy of the road.

Did you know that such a simple headlight replacement can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars? That’s right, thousands of dollars! A BMW headlight assembly without a bulb can already set you back $ 985 and that doesn’t even include the accessories. While before you dig your pockets, a headlight restoration might be what you need and the best part about it, it costs a fraction of the price of replacing a headlight. Only consider headlight restoration as the headlight is hampered due to oxidation, physical damage may require a completely new replacement.

Headlight restoration can be a tedious process requiring meticulous attention to detail. It can be a fairly fragile part to handle and often requires polishing of the exterior and interior by machine and by hand for hard-to-reach areas i.e. interior of the lighthouse. Additionally, oils can transfer to the bulbs when you handle the headlight by hand, these oils can prevent your lights from lasting that long and reduce their overall quality. In summary, the restoration process involves buffing the oxidized parts of the headlight and finely buffing it to capture a smooth, clean and clear finish, providing a beautiful beam of light for better night vision.

In addition, the headlights do not make a good first impression when negotiating car prices. There is nothing more obnoxious than the look of faded yellow headlights because they really emphasize the wear and tear on your vehicle. Always an essential feature when it comes to investing in any type of pre-sale car retail where you are looking to maximize your returns.

If you don’t feel like spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to cover your headlight replacement, then a headlight restoration may be the smart alternative you’ve been looking for. If you want your headlights to stay new all year round for years to come, you might want to consider protecting them with a nano-ceramic coating. This type of coating is similar to a glass coating, it adds durability and excellent protection against dullness, fading, oxidation, etc., ensuring that your headlights can stay clear without limitation of light emission, for more information about this technology, you can click here

Don’t have time to restore your headlights yourself? You can always contact Charles Car Service and add the headlight restoration service as an addition to your existing car detailing package. Simply book online in 60 seconds.