Fleet Tire Services

Our mobile fleet service brings the tire shop to your job site!

If you own a fleet of vehicles for your company, they should be making money for you not sitting at tire shops because everyone knows tires go flat, right? Charles Car Service has many years of experience providing excellent on-site fleets services. We will come to you wherever you are! You don’t have to wait the extra days or the hassle of getting your vehicle towed back and forth just to get a tire change. 

With us, this all goes away. Simply call them and they will meet you at the desired location within 30 minutes to provide on-site service which means no downtime for your staff and reduced liability from having to drive or tow your vehicle back and forth. You can work during routine downtime or while they are servicing their next client. Wherever your vehicle is parked is where they will get to work.

  • Save Time! We will come to you.
  • Gain better control over maintenance costs – we have specialized discount pricing for our fleet customers
  • Minimize your fleet downtime – we can change all 4 tires on one of your work vans, or company cars in less than 1 hour
  • Reduce administrative work – We make it easy to order tires online and schedule your appointment
  • Maximize the lifespan of your fleet vehicle tires and save more over time
  • Receive free monthly tire checks and safety tips

Call us today to schedule a mobile tire service in Ottawa or to learn more about our mobile fleet repair and maintenance programs.