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Professional Engine Bay Cleaning in Ottawa

Your car engine is usually the most neglected part of your vehicle when it comes to cleaning. A dusty engine might lose its efficiency because of the dusty covering the ventilation points or air inlet. Also, the dust can accumulate in the parts which are mechanically moving. This might disturb their normal function and might affect the engine as a whole.

Some environmental waste can also get accumulated into some out-of-reach parts of your engine, which might not be good for your car engine in long term. It is highly suggested to get your car engine detail once in a while. This allows the engine to breathe properly and stay intact for longer periods. Charles Car Services provide engine detailing services in Ottawa and we always ensure our customers are satisfied with the service. 

Main reasons to keep your car engine clean:

  • The durability of rubber parts is reduced when exposed to oil or grease.
  • It is extremely difficult to see a leak if the engine is dirty. This can lead to serious problems and costly repairs if a leak goes undetected for a long time.
  • A dirty engine space is clear evidence of a lack of maintenance on the vehicle. This aspect can make a big difference when it comes to selling the vehicle.

Engine cleaning should always be done by a professional. Poor cleaning techniques can lead to electrical problems. When we clean your car engine, we are very careful to protect the vulnerable parts of the engine. We only use a low-pressure jet to avoid damaging the electrical components.

Our Engine Cleaning Step

Our car detailing experts perform engine detailing by applying shampoo in the first phase with a cleaner that degreases the compartments of the engine. After that high-pressure air is sprayed onto the compartments that remove any sand, dust, pebbles, or accumulated particles on the engine surface. The engine detailing procedure is also safe to use on rubber and plastic hoses.

Cost of Our Engine Detailing Service

At Charles Car Service, our engine detailing price depends on the size of the car and varies from 50$ to 90$.

ENGINE Detailing ottawa
ENGINE Detailing ottawa
ENGINE Detailing ottawa