Commercial Fleet Detailing Ottawa

We are aware that the loss of time of your employees is important for the profitability of your business. This is why we assure you that washing of your vehicles will be treated in priority and this, with the same rigor and the same professionalism which characterize us.

But all this is just words, and in order to verify our statements, we invite you to come and have either your personal vehicle or one of your corporate vehicles washed, absolutely free of charge. This offer includes a V.I.P service including, “interior and exterior washing of liquid wax, application, Armor All with oil on the tires. 

To get your V.I.P wash, you just have to make an appointment with us to take advantage of this offer. In this way, you will be able to judge the quality of our work so that you can make an informed decision. Following your visit, we can make an appointment to present a service offer to you. During this meeting, we will be able to fully understand your needs and thus offer you a price adapted to the services required by your company.

Commercial and fleets vehicles detailing
We specialize in services for commercial and fleet vehicles. From professional exterior and interior cleaning to enhance the appearance of your vehicles to services to prevent structural problems, all of our services are designed to help reduce maintenance costs and maximize the resale value of the fleet.

Windshield repair and replacement

From repairing the tiniest crack to replacing windshields on cars and trucks, we’ve got you covered. 


We offer a quick cleaning service as well as the most intensive refurbishment, including the application of an interior shampoo and exterior wax, as well as a vigorous polishing. Whether it’s a luxury business vehicle or an extreme-duty all-terrain truck, we offer aesthetics and appearance protection services at the best value for money.

Stone guard films

The most advanced solution in paint protection, the clear film can cover bumpers, hood, headlights, backs of side mirrors, sills and fenders, significantly reducing damage from road debris. Any damage is therefore only caused to the protective film and not to the paint. This process makes washing the front of a vehicle easier because flies will be stuck to the rock guard rather than the paint while reducing the chance of damaging the vehicle with vigorous cleaning.

Rust protection and anti-abrasive coating

The anti-abrasive coating will protect the underside of vehicles from damage caused by road debris while significantly reducing noise. The soundproofing process involves the application of a coating four times thicker than the anti-abrasive coating and helps to limit the abrasion of the underbody and further reduce noise.

A 3-year warranty on permanent rust protection service is available on any new or nearly new vehicle. This process begins with the application of the clear anti-abrasive sealant on the body and then under the body, including the interior of the frame, following Ziebart processes. Then the underside which is exposed to the road is sprayed with a black undercoat in order to protect the vehicle again and reduce the road noise. Annual rust protection options are also available.

Tinted glass

The rear and side windows of any vehicle can be tinted to ensure that in parking areas tools, electronics and other valuables in the passenger compartment or trunk are out of sight. indiscreet. We offer different shades ranging from Limo to 50%, all with a five-year warranty.

Protection of fabrics and leather

Fabrics are not immune to coffee, oil, grease and other stains, just as leather can crack, tarnish, and generally lose its lustre as a result of normal wear and tear and damage from UV rays. Leather is a natural material that requires regular maintenance to preserve its original flexibility and texture. A 5-year warranty is also offered against stains on all carpets and seats, discoloration and cracking of fabrics and leather. Again, an annual inspection is part of the warranty process.


Whether it is steps, trailer hitches, tonneau covers, GPS, Bluetooth technology or others, our teams of experts are able to provide you with all the necessary accessories


We take great pride in every vehicle we work on. When you use of our services, you will enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our car detailing services in Ottawa – Gatineau area. When you choose to have a car detailing, it’s so much more than a simple wash and vacuum. It’s those small details that make all the difference and keeping your car spotless makes it that much more of a pleasure to drive. With over 5-star reviews fand plenty of returning customers, it’s easy to see why we are head and shoulders above the rest.





We give a 2 hour window from the time you have booked the appointment. We will text, call or You should receive an email.


We carry a large canopy for really hot and rainy days so we don’t have to reschedule the appointment. However, we do monitor the weather daily and if in the forecast is extremely bad, we will contact you and re-schedule your appointment.


As we are 100% mobile, we can do our auto detailing at your home or office, as long as our work space is not inhibited by such things as low hanging tree branches, parked cars or anything else that would limit our access to our van or to your vehicle.

Our unit is completely self-contained – we bring our own water, power and supplies – there are no hidden costs.


The ‘New Car Feeling’ and ‘Sparkling Good Deal’ packages typically require 6 and 5 labor hours respectively, while an interior or exterior detailing requires only around 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Please allow more time for pickup trucks and SUVs’. We will give you an exact time frame once we look at the vehicle in person.


We do auto detailing in the Ottawa and Gatineau area, generally within 30 km radius.

Truly, we would be happy to plan a program to meet your needs.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash and Checks.